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Introducing Oceania Meditation!

Updated: Mar 12

Online Meditation Oceania is a group of volunteers from meditation centres in Australia and New Zealand.

We are offering free online meditation sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays which are open to everyone and to everywhere!

You can simply book from and once you book, you will be given the link to join in.

The good news is that you only need to book once and you can keep the link to join in with all the other sessions!

So, all you have to do is to put our Meditation Tuesday and Restful Saturday schedule in your diary and simply join in, whenever you would like a dose of #peace and #freedom in your mind!

Here are the main hosts of the sessions

Robin | Host for Online Meditation Oceania | Sydney Meditation

Robin, is originally from South Korea, has been involved with guiding #meditation and leading self-development workshops for the past 17 years, in various places including South Korea, Singapore, UK, New Zealand and now in Australia.

Having been a professional dancer, studying psychology at university and doing things that made her happy has helped her enjoy her life in many ways but it didn’t quite provide the solution to free the mind and that’s why she started meditation. After finding the answer to “who am I?”, the reason and #purpose of our existence and the unconditional happiness that everyone strives for, she is happy to dedicate her life to helping others to find the same freedom and #happiness.

Caroline Choi- Financial Controller / Sydney Meditation

Caroline | Host for Online Meditation Oceania | Sydney Meditation

Caroline, is a Financial Controller who studied Accounting and Law at the University of New South Wales. She is a volunteer at Sydney meditation after having found unconditional happiness and purpose through this meditation. Caroline lived most of her life trying to find happiness and satisfaction through "success". She realised that this was ultimately only to fulfil her own #pride and #insecurities, which were never ending.

Rather than bring her happiness, this became a heavier #burden as she achieved more "success", but still left her empty with many questions about life. Through the meditation she learnt to let go of her pride and insecurities. This then led her to find true success, happiness and purpose. She now #dedicates her time outside of work to volunteer at Sydney Mediation so others can become free from their burdens and find the same #unconditional happiness she has.

Steven | Host for Online Meditation Oceania | Perth Meditation

Steven grew up in a healthy, supportive and incredibly loving family, but despite all of this, he still could not find any happiness in his life. He often distracted himself with many bad habits like #abusing food, #substances and video #games. Even after being accepted into Architecture at University, the happiness was always #fleeting. However, after starting this meditation, he realized that all people were trapped inside their minds, and this itself was the cause of every problem in the world, and the #solution to live together forever was to be free from that self imposed prison. The method is to discard our human mind. Now he is committed to the advancement of mental health in Australia by volunteering for Perth Meditation, with a particular #passion for helping #teenagers and children.

David | Host for Online Meditation Oceania | Auckland Meditation

David, a consultant planner who studied at the University of Auckland. He is a volunteer at Auckland Meditation who has found peace practicing this meditation.

After becoming free from sleeping pills, he says it was so #liberating to find a study that actually works. The freedom he has experienced in this meditation is like nothing else and has helped in so many ways: composing music, work and family life. The meditation has become a way to see himself and live in the world.

Practicing this meditation for 8 years, he volunteers his time as a meditation guide so people can find their true mind and truly live. An amazing method to eliminate stress and find truth within, he says this study is the way to peace and freedom.

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