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Session Timetable

Meditation Class

We are open 7days a week from 9am til 10pm every day.

You can either come in for an in-person session or do it online.

There are 4 online sessions daily.

 We have many people joining the online sessions during weekdays

(or working days) then later come and do the in-person sessions

on the weekends (or on their day off) 


Each session is about 1 hour. however, it can vary according to your schedule. (so, if you can only do 30 or 40min, you can let the guide know before the session starts, and the session will finish accordingly.)


Also, it is unlimited, which means, you can join a session in the morning and then come join again in the afternoon or in the evening.

If you come to the centre, again, you can do consecutive sessions as well.

You will progress according to how much you put your time and effort in.

Ready to start?
Planting seed of Truth | Sydney Meditation
Let Truth grow in your heart
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