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Does Meditation Help Depression?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Depression is when reality does not live up to one's desires and thoughts.

This is when one develops depression. Such a phenomenon occurs because one overestimates himself, and his own assessment of himself odes not coincide with reality.

When one has an inflated image of himself, how he sees himself in his own fantasy is far from how he is in reality. Since there is such a wide gap between his fantasy and the reality of the world, he becomes frustrated, which in turn makes him become depressed.

Depression can be overcome when he discards his life lived, habits and body, and is reborn after having become one with the mind of the world where there is no mind of the self.

Group Meditation Class | Sydney Meditation
"While I was doing meditation, I could also see where the depression came from"

I gradually was able to deal with the reasons for my depression and by following the meditation method,

I eventually found that the depression began to disappear. It was like a miracle for me.

Sanghee Kim, Sydney

Monica  meditating at Sydney Meditation
Once I began meditating, I instantly felt lighter, I didn’t need to carry around this dirt in my mind and I began to see things much clearer.

By cleansing your mind, you can experience a never-ending happiness and clarity that is difficult to explain.

Monica, Sydney

Meditation helps people with anxiety and depression.

Learn how to be free from your own negative mind!

Please enjoy David from Auckland, sharing his amazing meditation experiences.


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