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Meditation Benefits


From Negativity To Positivity

From Despair to Hope

Many people have already benefited so much from this meditation. 

Start your journey and find your true happiness within.

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Helen Sharing Benefits | Sydney Meditation

Helen Raffal

Now, having done this meditation, I can say it is truly the miracle of miracles.
It is like waking up from the worst nightmare, knowing that it was only a nightmare-
that I can truly live knowing the true meaning of life.
Inside that nightmare there was so much suffering, sadness and stress.
I am so grateful.
My mind is clear, peaceful and free.
I have no curiosity and no doubts.
Now, I just want to share this good news with everyone
and to spend my life helping people to find their true purpose
which is to live eternally.
I promise that this meditation fulfils all that it promises.

Geoffrey sharing stories | Sydney Meditation

Geoffrey Clifton

For me the Meditation has given me an escape from my health problems,

a more relaxed attitude towards life and a greater insight into who I am, as a person. It has also helped me maintain an ongoing stability and harmony

within my marriage and within other relationships.

 I sincerely encourage everyone to do this Meditation,

as a way of achieving greater inner peace and self acceptance.

I feel genuinely grateful for the opportunity to do Meditation. 

The Meditation truly offers a wonderful pathway

to negotiate the stress and pain we face within our all too busy lives.


Caroline sharing benefits of Sydney Meditation

Caroline Choi

Working really hard to not miss out, do everything I can,

and be the best human I could before I died.

Later in life this desire and drive eventually caused me anxiety and stress.


  Coming out of my own mind world I now know what true life and living is.


 As an added bonus, I have better relationships with people,

I have been much more successful at work, and I am always happy.

I realised that all the answers to a happy and successful life are all there

at my fingertips, except I refused to see and listen.

My life purpose now is to do all I can to enable others

to come out of their own mind world and find true life.

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