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Building Happiness: The Transformative Power of Meditation

When people discard their human mind, each experiences positive benefits according to the extent to their mind has been expanded.

It is truly nice to hear what people say about meditation. Here are the words shared by members of Oceania Meditation, shedding light on the diverse benefits they've discovered. Each comment is unique in its expression yet collectively attuned to the profound impact of the practice.

The Transformative Power of Meditation

Meditation is a way to find the truth, have a calm and clear mind and develop awareness, and feel one with the universe.

Flor, Sydney

This meditation helps all areas of your life from being able to deal with the stress of everyday life to sleeping better and the further you go the better everything around you get. It's a very simple method and everyone should give it a go.

Meditation is a tool for me towards self-actualisation.

Vic, NSW

This Meditation method for me has stopped the search for all the answers I have about life.

It really breaks down my fixed minds and fixed concepts of everything, so that now I'm not so much following my ideas of what I want or think I should be doing but allowing more for nature to take its course. To give things more time and space and see from a bigger perspective.

The outcome is always better than my thoughts 😆 Then any decision-making has been so much easier and feeling confident on the choices I make.

Relationships have been and are still improving. Every day I’m learning and taking note of how I am and how it affects others.

Reflection - I enjoy seeing and looking for ways to improve. Communication, understanding and acceptance seem so much more natural. I enjoy the little things in life more too.

Grateful for each day and much more relaxed in my mind. I wish for more people to do this as it has really changed my mind a lot. More than I could ever imagine.

Hayley, Western Australia

PURPOSE. This meditation gave me purpose and showed me the grateful mind of love.

This meditation is about emotional well-being.

It gives a sense of peace and happiness.

Anne, Mandurah

Meditation is my path to self-awareness and compassion and is also a path to stronger mental health.

I practice this meditation method as often as possible to cope with the stress and worry, that often comes with day-to-day life. It helps bring me calm and insight when I feel anxious and depressed.

Meditation techniques enhance my attention, emotional awareness, kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and mental calmness even in difficult situations. I find that regular meditation practice helps me be kind to myself and more caring towards others. It also teaches me to be a little less reactive when tough situations arise.

This meditation shows me the way to true happiness and hope.

Vanessa, WA


When you do this meditation, you feel a deep love that can’t be matched and it’s all around you.

So amazing!

Dan, Secret Harbour


I have gratitude towards this method of meditation, I’m a more grateful person, not taking things for granted now.

Elaine, WA

Because I was lost when I found it. Now I'd be lost without it.

Thelma, Mandurah


The mind naturally allows decision-making and choices to be seen from the bigger perspective. Accepting what's best and trusting the flow of events is perfection.

H. Wylie, Secret Harbour

In conclusion, the shared sentiments underscore the universal need for meditation. As expressed by the members, it opens doors to unconditional happiness and inner peace, emphasizing the foundational role of a healthy mind in constructing a fulfilled and joyful life.

It's a collective call for more individuals to prioritize the well-being of their minds, nurturing a solid foundation for a thriving existence.

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