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"I had medical problems, I had problems within my life. I was a bit of a mess" and what happened?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

A decade ago, I found myself tiring more easily than I had in the past. A visit to my doctor and a series of hospital tests, revealed that I had developed a chronic and worrying medical condition.

As a result I became depressed and negative about my future life prospects.

A friend of mine, when learning about my condition, told me about the Meditation that they were studying and suggested it might be just what I needed. For me the idea was very appealing.

When I began the Meditation, I soon found that the stress and anxiety that I felt, was quickly melting away. I became less obsessive about my ill-health and soon I was experiencing an ongoing sensation of inner peace.

On my next visit to the hospital, my results showed a major improvement and a major reversal of my medical condition.

Ten years later, my condition is monitored but remains stable and I have not needed to start on any course of actual medical treatment.

For me the Meditation has given me an escape from my health problems, a more relaxed attitude towards life and a greater insight into who I am, as a person. It has also helped me maintain an ongoing stability and harmony within my marriage and within other relationships.

Through the tireless guidance of the Meditation Helpers and through following the Meditation Method, I eventually began to understand that what I understood to be real and distressing events in my life, were largely the result of delusional emotional feelings based on past experiences and my cultural values.

I sincerely encourage everyone to do this Meditation, as a way of achieving greater inner peace and self acceptance. I feel genuinely grateful for the opportunity to do Meditation. The Meditation truly offers a wonderful pathway to negotiate the stress and pain we face within our all too busy lives.

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