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First my mind changed then the whole world changed.

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

My husband initially recommended this meditation to me. At first I thought I didn’t need to do any meditation. However, I thought that I would give it a go and I started.

As I began to meditate I soon realized what kind of person I really was. I was an introverted and false person. I couldn’t express my feelings and also I pretended to be happy, very kind and considerate of others. But inside me there was lots of anger and hatred towards others and I found that I was selfish. Until that time I didn’t know my mind was slowly becoming sick.

Now my life has changed a lot. First my mind changed then the whole world changed. I don’t want to think about not doing the meditation because I now understand that my life would have no meaning without it. I would continue to suffer from stress, desire, anger and hatred of others.

I am so glad to have met this meditation. I have developed a greater wisdom of everyday life. I am healthier, happier and truly thankful for everything I have in my life. I can now understand the meaning of love.

Today everyone is seeking ways to fulfil their lives. They go to the gym and eat good foods to achieve being healthy, happy, and relaxed. But the results are always temporary. When people cleanse their false mind, they will experience never-ending happiness and love. I hope everyone can experience the positivity of life like me.

The way is here. My aim is that I will study until the end and achieve human completion then I want to help others with the meditation. Thank you.


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