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The best thing for me was being able to resolve my relationships with my family

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

What made you become interested in Meditation?

I’ve been travelling for months now. Although I have been experiencing exciting things, I still felt empty and lost without a real purpose. I wanted to find that purpose. So, I started meditation at Sydney Meditation.

What positive changes have you experienced so far?

The best thing for me was being able to resolve my relationships with my family. I thought I already passed some of the issues, but when I reflected on myself, they were still in my mind. After discarding all the anxieties, anger, frustration and pain, now I can have a good conversation with them while feeling peaceful and happy. I am so grateful. Also, it is very exciting knowing that I am on the right path. Through meditation, I feel more centred and focused. Even my daily anxieties and stresses, often regarding my relationships and people around me or my future have seen a great improvement.

What would you like people to know? Before, I had these deep questions about life, love, happiness, and all in between that I never truly thought I’d find the answer to. Though, I tried so many things: workshops, meditations, exercises, books – but nothing really got to the core. Instead it felt like I was just covering up and living with my anxieties rather than dealing with them. I thought it was cliché to say, “The answer is within” but I now know it actually is — to everything you’re feeling. You just need the right tool to get to it. I am eternally grateful for this method being that tool. I am so free and no longer afraid of any part of me. Thank you!

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