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I can say it is truly the miracle of miracles!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

In the past I chased after knowledge, especially psychological and spiritual. I acquired a great deal in my thirst to find answers to my dilemma. But that knowledge could not save me. Doing this meditation, I realized that true wisdom was buried under all of that knowledge.

When I was 12 years old, my eldest brother died suddenly and the world that I knew was turned upside down. From that time, the reality of the inevitability of death never really left me. Even when I was the most happy, always came the thought, “but we are going to die”- death was always lurking in the shadows of my mind. Since everything would end in death, of what actual value were any of my achievements. I longed to find the meaning of life.

I felt it imperative to find the truth of my existence before death. I sensed that I must find it while living. How could I leave this, the only question which mattered, for others to answer. I, myself, should do that. And so it became my priority.

My searching was wide and deep- psychology, philosophy and many spiritual traditions. In Christianity, I heard, “the Kingdom of heaven is within you”. Many spoke of the mind of each human, being ‘conditioned’ by their past experiences- ‘You should find the unconditioned mind.’ I tried many workshops and different meditations. Buddhism spoke of the impermanence of everything and said “You must find that which is unchanging, you have the Buddha mind”. Other traditions said: “The truth is within you” I felt that it must be so but I know I did not live as that truth, so I kept searching.

Now, having done this meditation, I can say it is truly the miracle of miracles. It is like waking up from the worst nightmare, knowing that it was only a nightmare- that I can truly live knowing the true meaning of life. Inside that nightmare there was so much suffering, sadness and stress. I am so grateful. My mind is clear, peaceful and free. I have no curiosity and no doubts.

Now, I just want to share this good news with everyone and to spend my life helping people to find their true purpose which is to live eternally. I promise that this meditation fulfils all that it promises.

Helen, Sydney Meditation/ NSW


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