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While I was doing meditation, I could also see where the depression came from

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Sanghee Sally Kim

A few years ago, I was struggling with depression. At that time, I felt like that I was crouching inside a big and deep hole. It was as if I couldn’t hear or see anything.

I tried a few sessions with a psychologist, as my husband suggested but it did not help me much. I thought that no one will be able to help me.

During that period sometimes, I talked to my sister who was doing the same meditation in Korea and one day she sent me the registration fee for one month at the Sydney Meditation Centre, as a present. So I started doing this meditation because I did not want to disappoint my sister.

When I had passed each level, everything became clearer and clearer in my mind. While I was doing meditation, I could also see where the depression came from. I gradually was able to deal with the reasons for my depression and by following the meditation method, I eventually found that the depression began to disappear. It was like a miracle for me.

Now I am much happier and I have become a more positive person.
It has also brought more happiness to my family.
As well as this, my relationships with my husband and with my co-workers have improved. My perspective towards the world has changed and also, I have come to understand that they think differently to me.

I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to do this meditation.

I hope that many more people do this meditation and set themselves free from their own struggles. so as they can find what it means to discover true happiness!!


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