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A most exciting journey

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I know this will probably sound a little odd, but for me Meditation has been quite an #exciting experience.

Why? You might ask.

Well the actual practice of #Meditation is far removed from the boring stereotype, of a cross legged Zen master sitting in silence, like a something of a statue, for months on end.

The practice of Meditation is in fact an #amazing and #insightful journey into the discovery of who we really are and into uncovering the actual reality we exist within. It is waking from a delusional dream, that has held us captive our entire life.

The way we as humans see our world is by making #judgements, so as to compare a situation or person with memories from our past. We do this to make sense of our world. These judgements are created and distorted by our biological make up and our emotional attachments to past experiences, past actions and our many habits.

By removing the false images and emotions connected to our memories, we can free ourselves from the cage we have constructed, which imprisons us.

This doesn't mean we forget the past, it means cleansing it of its false connections.

Once free of the shackles of our false world, we can begin the amazing journey into discovering our True identity and our True world.

This is a #journey into gaining real #happiness.

Little by little our understanding of our Universe begins to reveal itself. Then one day you suddenly realise that you have embarked upon the most exciting journey that you have ever experienced.

Start your journey today!

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