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The biggest benefit however was to release my selfishness and be grateful

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Chris Allenby

What made you become interested in meditation?

A friend of mine introduced me to meditation at a time when I was searching for answers on how to be happier. Despite being healthy, wealthy and successful in all aspects of life, I had been struggling for years to find real happiness and was looking everywhere to add something which would help me. The simplicity of the meditation method and the results I read about students excited me to try.

What changes or benefits have you experienced?

The method is very straight forward and easy to follow, which I liked. Almost immediately upon starting, I was able to sleep better and people would say to me how my face had changed and looked brighter. Over time, I was able to ‘weather the storms’ when negative events occurred. The biggest benefit however was to release my selfishness and be grateful.

Now your children are doing the meditation as well. Have you noticed changes in them?

My children have been doing meditation for a few months and I’ve really noticed them mature and become less reactive. I’ve noticed more charity in them, respect for others and also being grateful for what they have. Being younger, they seem to catch on quite quickly.

Luca Allenby (Chris' youngest son)

Anything you would like to say to others who are thinking of starting meditation?

Just try it, have faith and ‘keep going’ – you can do it!


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