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For me I finally found the passion in life

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Piano was the wonderful freedom in my life. I really loved playing all and everyday. But as I continued on playing to reach my professional career, my anxiety started to grow.

I worried so much about how other people would think of my performance. What if my professor didn’t like my playing. What if I made mistakes in front of my audience… This led to stage fright and even worse to social phobia. I wasn’t even able to handle my relationship with my family and friends very well. So, I ended up being locked inside my mind which was dark, lonely and depressing.

After I started meditation, I was soon able to look back at myself and find what had caused me to have all these problems. I was able to throw away all my suffering from those minds and experiences. It helped me not to quit playing the piano, when I was seriously considering giving up my career. After realizing my true mind, everything started to change.

My fear towards people disappeared and I was able to perform with my fingers relaxed. Above all, I was able to learn how to be grateful to people that I met and to have the chance to be able play music for whoever would listen.

To those who are suffering in their mind and can’t help it and to those who wish to find the true self within, I really hope you too can try this meditation and find the true peace and true confidence within you.

Happiness does not come from how you are seen by others or what you have achieved in your career or even through wealth.

For me I finally found the passion in life I had only ever experienced brief glimpses of through music before. This is coming from the true mind which can be found inside you after discarding all these false minds! You can definitely find fulfilment through this method, too. Thank you!


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