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No wonder couples argue. Then, how?

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Like other married couples our marriage was sometimes turbulent and characterised by emotion.

I really could never understand why my wife would suddenly break into anger, at what seemed to me to be very trivial reasons. These fights would leave both of us drained and distressed for days on end.

Something amazing happened however when we both begin to seriously meditate. The frequency and seriousness of our disagreements began to dissipate.

You see the Meditation helped both of us to realise that we needed to get rid of our delusional worlds that we were trapped within.

As humans we are locked inside a world, which believe it or not is not actually there.

When we are born our DNA predisposes us to have certain personality traits. Our parents, teachers, friends and culture then influences our lives and effectively programs much of our attitudes. And of course we can't forget that the truck loads of habits that we accumulate during our lives and the effect they have on us. Then there is the "Karma" we build up which also effects the way that we think and we feel.

In every new situation and with every new person that we meet our brains dredge up what appears to be similar, people, places or situations to compare our new encounter with. Each one of these memories and each one these pictures from our past have emotions attached.

To understand this think of a popular song from your past and notice if happy or sad emotions and pictures come up with it.

It is no wonder couples argue. Each one of us lives blinded by our very own delusional world, that we live within. And each and every one of us is the only one who can see the world through our personally deluded eyes.

Meditation strips away the false world that blinds us from the truth.

By Meditating we can begin to understand that the true world exists when we throw away all of the false memories and emotions which haunt our minds.

You too can start to improve your relationships and your life today.

Life is actually surprisingly beautiful.

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