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Q: What did you learn from Meditation?

The universe mind is completely liberating.

I feel a sense of freedom I have not felt in years. I feel present.

I am making a positive difference in my life and the lives of others with this shift of consciousness.

Cath, Perth, Australia

This is honestly the best meditation and I love that this method is practiced worldwide! As a physio, I‘ve discovered how important it is to look after your mind which greatly affects the body.

This meditation is more than just eliminating daily stress, it’s the inner work for self growth and healing I’d always been looking for.

I’ve explored different types of meditation, yoga, psychology, astrology, manifestation hypnosis etc and I can truly say that I’ve stuck to this subtraction meditation for the past 3 years because it actually works! So grateful this exists!

If you are stressed, reactive, replay the past and future in your head or just want to get rid of unhelpful patterns and habits, then I’d highly recommend this meditation.

Tara L. Brisbane, Australia

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