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Enhance Your Happiness.

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About Sydney Meditation

Sydney Meditation offers daily meditation classes both online and on site.

The best place to learn how to meditate!

Our aim is to help people discover their true self and reach their full potential.

People often see the changes in their mind and notice benefits within the first couple of months.

We hope you can come soon to try this amazing method.

What could be more important than finding true happiness and your true mind?

We look forward to helping you find true happiness!

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Sydney Meditation is a non-profit organization.
Sydney Meditation Group Session
Sydney Meditation Members
Sydney Meditation Centre


Open 7 Days A Week

9am - 10pm

473 Concord Road Rhodes

 New South Wales 2138


Our Programs

In - Person,

Guided Live Online Sessions


Self -development Workshops

Meditation Blog


Meditation and

Everything in Between


by Sydney Meditation Members

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Home: Classes
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Human happiness is about living without worries;

the mind that brings happiness is one

that wishes for others to live better lives.


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