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At the end, this is what everyone wants...

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

I feel totally alive as I move across the stage, breathing in life.

The bright lights radiating down, accentuating every gesture and shape my body is creating…and with the final step and movement, I breathe out the last breath. The stage lights go down. A moment of silence, then the lights flood back with the cheers, applause with whistling from the audience. Still breathing heavily, my heart is filled up with happiness. I feel alive.

This was what I thought #happiness was... But it was inevitable that the stage curtain would eventually down and then it was about me re-running everything in order to feel ‘alive’

As it repeated again and again, and seeing other dancers having to give up on dancing after suffering injuries, it started to present me with some questions.

What am I and who am I, if I can’t dance? Can I be happy without it? Is my happiness dependent on dancing?
Can’t I just be happy?

Also learning about a sudden death of one of my high school mates made me think about human life in a way I never considered before. Death suddenly seemed like a stage curtain that came down after every single performance. But at least with dancing, you actually finish your performance and then the curtain comes down. However, in human life, it seems that some don’t even get to do anything much and then simply get shut down by the curtain called ‘death.’ And then there is the agony of the people who are left behind.

What is this? Constant chasing after happiness, which seems to be so fleeting and then this definite curtain that comes down that no one seems to escape from.

Yearning to find the answers led me into #spiritual books, talks, seminars and studying #psychology etc. However, it was when I started meditating that I found all the answers. Learning to let go of all the human mind and to go back to the origin where all the answers are, where one can experience true bliss.

At the end, this is what everyone wants. We all want to be happy. We all want to know the truth, about life and about death.

I consider myself truly lucky to have found the method that enables me to find all the answers within and truly live. I would like to share one of my online lecture recordings from Oceania Meditation and I hope this video helps you.

Robin, Sydney Meditation / Australia

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