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Meditation, a method that allows us to throw away our negativity

Today I awoke into a perfect world. A world free of the dark torment that was once there. A world free of everlasting suffering.

A world as it actually is. A world that I can know, because of Meditation. A world that I am filled with gratitude to know.

As I sit within my room, I can hear the rumble of cars and a dog barking in the distance.

I can see the light flickering and dancing from my window and forming pools across the floor.

I can smell the aroma of fresh coffee and I can feel a calm warm stillness in life.

I can sense the world that surrounds me.

Meditation provides a method, that allows us to throw away our negative thoughts, our anxiety and our pessimism.

A method that has allowed me to to throw away my negative thoughts, my anxiety and my pessimism. A method to rid me of the legacy of a guilt ridden past, my habitual behaviours and the troubling problems that my body, ancestors and traditions have caused me.

It is truly possible to see and feel the beauty of the world we live within.

Meditation will free You.

Join us for a free online guided Meditation session.

You are worth it.


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