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I am grateful for the 'PRESENT' |Meditation method that saved me

Awakening comes when you discard and break free from your fixed conceptions and customs, and habits. The more you break away from them, the more you realize- this is what awakening is.

The human mind is an illusion, which is not real. As much as that falseness disappears, Truth enters your mind.

Through meditation, people often experience clarity and tranquillity, shedding anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts generated by their own mental images(pictures). By discarding these images, you can empty your mind and reclaim the freedom and happiness that constitute your original state of mind.

This is exactly what Lana has experienced since diligently practicing meditation with us!

I am grateful for the 'PRESENT' | Meditation method that saved me

This morning, I watched my little son playing and reading a book. while I had some time to do my Tax work. I felt at home at last.

Finally, I got to feel what is like to enjoy my kids and family time and enjoy working on the work I am interested in doing with my time.

My gratitude to Sydney Meditation for showing me the way to brighten the painful past and abused lost childhood, to win the battle against depression which is rooted in living with narcissism all my life over four decades.

Meditation is the cure, the method to heal losses, grief, and pain, and learn the lesson of Truth, honesty, and forgiveness.

I am grateful for the 'present'

Thank you.

Lana is happy after her meditation practice
Lana at Sydney Meditation

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