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A Difficult Childhood and a Stressful Life: How Meditation Helped Me

Sabina, originally from Nepal, is diligently studying and working in Sydney and has been meditating with us for the past 7months. After noticing the benefits of meditation, she would like to learn how to guide meditation, so she can help others as well. We are very happy to share her story!

A difficult childhood and a stressful life

I was a quiet person from childhood and couldn't express myself. I always used to think about what others would think if I did something. I had a really difficult childhood and always felt that I wasn't beautiful enough. I would always consider other people's opinions before doing anything.

As a result, I had a stressful life, social anxiety, and tensions about everything. I always wanted to overcome this and tried watching numerous YouTube videos and reading a lot of self-help books.

Although it helped me a little, I was not entirely happy.

One day, after work, I had a really stressful day, and I decided to look for help from a meditation place. I found Sydney Meditation and started meditating.

I began understanding my human mind and its falseness. My thoughts and everything which I thought was real, but they were just illusions. I started feeling lighter, more peaceful, less stressed at work, and more productive.

I would like to say if anyone is looking for a way to improve yourself and peaceful life, this is the right place!

Sabina, Sydney NSW

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