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Method vs Tool | You Can Make Your Cake and Eat it Too

What sets this meditation apart is that there is a clear method.

Talking with different people regarding various forms of meditation it seems that there is some confusion about the distinction between a method and a tool.

A method is a process which incorporates tools to deliver a guaranteed result when it is followed precisely from beginning to end.

A tool is an aid.

To give an analogy - If you want to make a cake, if you follow all the instructions from pre-heating the oven, assembling ingredients, preparing the pan, beating the eggs, sifting the flour …...If you follow the recipe exactly you will eat cake. If, however, you just use one of the tools, you may become proficient in beating the eggs or sifting the flour, but you will not produce a cake.

Likewise, if, for example, you focus on the breath in the nostrils, listen to sounds or music, intone a mantra, visualise a peaceful scene, observe without judgment - the list of tools is long - you may have varying experiences, become calm, or achieve a degree of insight.

A method is a recipe for achieving a goal. In this case the goal is complete enlightenment.

7 step meditation method | Sydney Meditation
7 Step meditation method of cleansing the mind

This method is to step by step, layer by layer, cleanse the mind of all obstacles - to reveal Truth within - to become that which we’ve only heard about.

The only purpose of life is to realise God.

Without the realisation of God, everything is futile.

This is the great secret.

Realising God is Enlightenment

Woo Myung

The method is more than the sum of its parts.

At each level you will verify that it delivers what it promises.

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