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Lose the ego, Live in the present, simple!

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

The past and the future do not exist as one is made of the remembered thoughts and the other is made of illusions constructed by the mind. Therefore, only the present exists and the only sensible way to live is in the present.

However, we constantly and unnecessarily live with our mind oscillating between the past and an illusionary future. That is because we misidentify ourselves with a mind, or an ego, that needs an identity to survive, and this identity exists because it has a past and a future. Once we lose that ego, then we live in the present. Simple!

That was all I knew for the last decade. A concept simple to understand but impossible to realise without a practical method. This is where I need to express all my gratitude to Sydney Meditation and also to the founder of the meditation method, Teacher Woo Myung.

Only days after being introduced to this 7-step meditation method, I started experiencing a state of flow that comes with being present. Weeks went by and I started connecting the dots between all the different materials I previously read on the matter. It all started making sense. Within a few months practicing this method, I was able to reach that state of flow within seconds of meditating. My goal is now to reach this state permanently.

Selim meditating, Sydney Meditation

I am grateful that such a powerful method exists, and I would recommend anyone interested to try and see for yourself.

I also would like to thank all the volunteers that give their time making this meditation method available to all.

Selim, Sydney, NSW

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Jan 14, 2023

Thankyou for this simple sincere summary

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