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Why is "throwing away" so different?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Why do we need to do this meditation and throw away the false mind?

We meditate in order to be free from pain and suffering. We meditate in order to gain insight into who we are and why we live. We meditate in order to find our true mind, the Truth.

So, what is the mind? The human mind consists of Karma (lived life), Habits (mind traits you’ve inherited from your parents and ancestors) and the body.

They are all actually false, as they are just pictures in your mind, that only you have. When you throw away your own mind world, which is karma, habits and body, you will be able to find the truth that is already within you.

So, how is it different?

Let’s me give you an example. Imagine a cup filled with a dirty water. If you stand this cup in a quiet place for some time, all the dirt will settle to the bottom. From outside, the cup may even look like it has clean water. However, all the dirt is simply settled on the bottom. So, if someone drops a pebble in it, all the sediment will swirl up again and the water will be once again dirty. The core problem, in other words hasn’t been resolved. The actual dirt hasn’t been cleaned out.

meditation in solitude

This is similar to when someone goes to a mountain, or somewhere remote, in order to be alone for some time whenever they are stressed. Of course, when there is nothing happening around them, their mind will become quiet, and they may think things are all okay. However, the thing is, that all the problems will come back once they return back to their daily life again. Without eliminating the core reasons for our problems, when you get back to your daily routine, the mind will easily be triggered again by all the reminders, which surround us, just like the water in a cup, being easily dirty when shaken or when someone drops a pebble into it.

So, that is why we need to throw away. By throwing away all the dirt inside a cup, then even if someone shakes it or flicks a stone in it, the water remains clean and there is nothing to come up.

emptying mind is like emptying a cup

Now, let’s think further. How about the cup? As long as the cup is there and things keep getting thrown into it, then eventually things will accumulate in it again, right?

So, we need to destroy the cup. In this meditation, throwing away the dirt inside the cup is like discarding your karma, the lived life. Then the mould which is the mind, the habits and body need to be eliminated as well. That is like breaking down the mould of the cup.

Only then, even if things get thrown into it, there is no cup remaining to hold onto them, it simply passes by, and you remain as your true mind.

The mind will not disappear unless you throw away. When you have hatred in your mind, then when you throw away your karma, habits and body, the mind of hatred will disappear.

So, rather than calming the mind, which in effect means nothing has actually been resolved, really subtract all that is in your mind and become the mind of the universe, which is who you really are.

If you had a dead fish in your room and you were suffering from the smell, wouldn't it be wise to eliminate the dead fish completely, rather than just opening the window repeatedly whenever you feel you can't bear the smell?

Meditation class at Sydney Meditation

Simply by following the method of throwing away the false human mind that is karma, habits and body, you can find your true mind, which is this infinite universe and live there with eternal freedom and happiness.

by Robin, Sydney Meditation

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