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Meditation Workshop for University Students in Sydney!

Recently we held a workshop for university students in Sydney, organised by the engagement coordinators’ team at Scape Sydney ;

Sydney Meditation workshop at Scape Sydney

It was held in their cosy theatre room with comfy bean bags. We had a wonderful time together! These bright and young curious bunch followed the whole process so well and had many questions as well!

Robin, who is a meditation instructor and a coordinator for Sydney and Brisbane Meditation, led the 1 hour workshop.

It started with a simple release exercise to loosen up the body, then it was followed by a quick ‘true or false’ quiz to introduce people into the topic of meditation.

Workshop by Sydney Meditation at Scape

University years are often recalled as free, fun and exciting times. However, the reality is that it can actually be very stressful at times. Many students suffer from worries, anxiety, and negative thoughts, especially to do with exams, relationships and uncertain future etc.

So, when they were asked what they were struggling the most with, while being at university, they shared openly about their problems and the short discussion itself clarified why they needed to meditate.

After listening to a simple lecture on how the human mind works and what needs to be done to clear the mind, the students meditated for 30 minutes.

When they were done, they all looked relaxed and calmer than before.

Just before rounding up, Robin showed them a short video clip about the universe. The place, being it a theatre room, just made everything so perfect! A huge screen and the professional sound. We really felt like we were floating in the universe!

The last part of the workshop was a Q & A / feedback time. A few asked some very valuable questions which others could hugely benefit from as well by listening to the talk.

What a pleasure to bring these treasures into these bright young people. We all have a mind. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, well-educated or not, religious or non-religious, everyone has a mind and more often than not, people suffer because of their own mind.

Now there is a simple method that anyone can learn and use to clear the mind and find true happiness within. No need to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression.

Hope more and more people take this medicine – a cure for our tired mind- and a method to live a happy, healthy life!

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