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I had what is known as the “Monkey Mind” whereby you are constantly having thoughts racing through

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

I feels absolutely privileged to be able to share my mediation experience with you.

I had tried several mediation techniques that pretty much only work on clearing the mind and focus on breathing during the practice, the main issue with these techniques is that once the mediation session is finished, you end up straight back on the merry-go-round with thoughts bouncing around in your mind.

I had what is known as the “Monkey Mind” whereby you are constantly having thoughts racing through your mind, these thoughts were either replaying things that happened in the past or plotting and scheming about things that may or may not happen in the future.

How my journey with Sydney Mediation started was really down to great timing and a having an open mind to start something new. When the NSW Government announced late June that Sydney CBD would be in lockdown for a minimum of 2 weeks, knowing that I would be unable to work out of the office, my first task was to Google “Meditation centre near me” this to have something I could throw myself with 100% commitment during the CBD lockdown.

After 1 month of committing to the mediation practise, the first thing I noticed that I was 100% calmer with in day to day life and when dealing with 3 teenage kids who were enduring another lockdown, after the 6 months they went through last year.

The second thing that changed was my perspective on how I viewed the things that most people endure, their financial situation, work related issues and family life. After years of being side-tracked and investing way too much time dwelling on what had happened in the past or what may happen in the future, to my complete surprise all these things that had occupied so much of my time were completely gone in the same time period.

If you are looking for explanation of how an adult could completely change their perspective on what they considered the major issues in their lives, when knowing deep down that absolutely nothing had changed with any of the perceived problems, this mediation practise is the answer. At the end of the day looking back at my progress, the only thing that changed is my perspective on how I now view things with a clear mind.

What is just as amazing as the benefits of this practice, is the unbelievable commitment from the many volunteers throughout the hundreds of mediation centres globally. These centres provide so many people like you and me with the opportunity to change their lives and become alive.

So strong is the feeling of belonging with this practise and the people that make it happen, I mentioned to my wife last week that one day soon I would love to volunteer to help as many people as possible to change their lives, in the same manner as the practise has changed my life.

I would say to anybody that is considering beginning a practice, with a view to bettering their lives and the way things are viewed and processed through the mind, is that you don’t need to look any further than this mediation practise.

What makes this practise work so well is a simple easy method to follow and the amazing support you are given throughout each step of the process, from a committed group of volunteers that all one day were in a similar situation as are you now.

I look forward to enjoying your testimonial of how this practise has completely changed your life in the near future. Thank you.


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