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Meditation Benefits: I’ve always thought that the biggest dystopia was the inside of my own head

Questions and answers with Tim Dean/ Sydney Meditation

Why started? Reasons why I meditate?

  • I have always had trouble with my mind. I have always been ‘in my head’ (analytical) which made me a very quiet and reserved person with just constant thought and analysis in every situation.

  •  I have trouble concentrating on any tasks which made it very hard to me to learn things despite my intelligence, for example I love reading but it would take me for ever to read even a short chapter. I would get disheartened by how everyone could read 5 pages in the time it takes me to read one. 

  • My Analytical mind is good in some senses in that I can interpret things very well, but it has not been very good at all for my social life and connecting with others. I always had trouble making friends and connecting with other people at times in my life I was very lonely for this reason. 

  • Whilst I have lots of really good ideas in my head I have been uinable to transcribe my ideas into the real world.

My mind first started to open to the idea of meditation when I read the book by Eckart Tolle “The Power Of Now.” The book really resonated with me because I could see the truth from which it was speaking but the problem is there was no real method in the book.

Tim at Sydney Meditation
Abandon and Coexist

I was like “yeah this book is good”, but then I would just forget about it after a while, then a few years later I would read it again with the same result. 

The book says to look at empty space to enter the present moment so I would walk around and look at empty space but it didn’t seem to do anything. I then went to some meditation group session that just involved breathing which also just seem to be a bit pointless as thoughts still came up every 2 seconds and was quite minimal.  I also use to be an avid Yoga Practionier , particular Yin Yoga, which is a great exercise to do but kept all the pictures in my head.

Then finally I went out on a whim one day and I googled meditation in Sydney and decided to visit the centre not sure what to expect.

Meditation Benefits 

I immediately started noticing the benefits of meditation, it didn’t take long.

Cognitive Benefits :I’ve certainty noticed a lot of cognitive benefits to my mind that have improved every aspect of my life. This includes:

  • Significantly improved concentration and focus. 

  • Increased confidence.

  • I can let go on things a lot easier. 

  • Improved emotional intelligence, particularly social skills I can say what every comes up in my mind in any conversation.

  • Improved relationships can handle and let go of disagreements and not hold on to things a lot easier.

  • Sense of community and engagement.

Physical Benefits

  • Increased energy, huge endorphin rush and happiness felt particularly after longer sessions. 

  • More physically relaxed and calm.


  • My consciousness is expanding, letting go of my sense of self is making me feel more connected to the world and the universe.

  • I am developing a sense of happiness and peace, and thus life’s everyday grievances don’t distress me like that used to.  

  • Life serves a greater purpose than just my own life, connected to something greater. 


Advise you would like to give?

My biggest advice to someone starting this meditation is to stay consistent and to remain open minded.


Consistency is the key to learning any new skill and meditation is no different. There are ups and downs and always negativity that the mind likes to conjure up but by staying consistent you let these things pass and disappear before you notice even more improvements later.

Open Mindedness is very important to get the most out of this meditation.

A lot of the negative reviews I have read from people from this mediation are from people who seem to have preconceived ideas and notions and are unwilling to be open minded and give things a try.

I think for people wanting to meditation its important to be able to put those things aside and be prepared to be give it proper attempt.

Anything you would like to say?

Clear, easy to understand step by step method. - The great thing about this meditation is the whilst other spiritual teachings may have good words to say or may make you feel relaxed for a while.

This mediation has the ability to completely remove the fundamental roots of all your thoughts and it tells you what you need to do to get there, there is a clear pathway.

Doesn’t contradict critical thinking and logic - In the past I have found spiritual teachings to be to far fetched or unbelievable because it contracted logic whilst this meditation actually explains why it is true in a way that makes sense and is hard to dispute.

Helpful and Caring Community - I have found all the helpers nothing but helpful and caring, this demonstrates congruence with the mediation method’s message and the people who teach it.

The benefits of meditation are truly profound but not many people know this yet.

It is not very well known yet and is still very much in its infancy, particularly in the Western world but what is starting to happen to the world through meditation is truly profound. There still seems to be an undercurrent of negativity and judgment surrounding meditation in the world, but the truth is it is a truly powerful tool that can not only enrich your own life but also change the entire world.

I am writing this because I want to give back to the world. I am hoping my story will resonate with some people who can hopefully be motivated to give meditation a try.

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