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From Despair to Hope: I never liked life, I just wondered why they lived at all

I often never wondered why people committed suicide, I just wondered why they lived at all.

I never liked life. I thought it was pretty futile. Born, suffer, school, suffer, work, suffer, retire, suffer, die and disappear.

It just never made sense to me. At one point I was overcome by guilt and sadness for bringing children into such a cruel world...

From there, now...

I have practiced this meditation for four years. It has completely changed my life.

You and I know we cannot stop the mind, but there is now a method to get rid of all these thoughts that come and go and free ourselves from the stress and pain.

I am forever grateful I found this meditation, it is simple to follow and simply works wonders. Thank you!

The helpers here are incredibly supportive, the centre is clean, quiet and amazingly comfortable. The other meditators become like family, sharing in the self growth journey and all other parts of the human life.

Amazing life transformation!

Please enjoy Mumbi, orginally from Kenya, now living in Perth, Western Australia, sharing her story at Restful Saturday, Online Meditation Oceania session.


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