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Coronavirus, lockdowns...and facing our fear, 'Immortality'

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

A friend of mine named Helen recently said something about life, Coronavirus and lockdowns, which we have endured. She reminded me that this has served to make us face the blatantly obvious... we are not immortal.

When we are woken to the fact that life is transient we are left feeling incredibly uncomfortable. We spend so much time deluding our self into thinking that death will not touch our family or ourselves for a very long time.

It is such delusional thoughts that cloud our judgment and can trap us within a living hell.

It is because we are living in this dream that we are so confronted when we come face to face with death.

We are in fact left shocked, stunned and broken.

By experiencing Coronavirus however we have woken to realise the future is something which is very uncertain and somewhat to be feared.

In an attempt to feel in control... to feel comfortable we avoid thinking about anything unpleasant, that will impact upon our lives.

That is we seek shelter within a bubble of false reality, which we hope can protect us.

This false reality emerges as images and emotions constructed from the multitudes of habits we have acquired in our lives. It is also a product of the Karma we have accumulated and our biological programming contained within our bodies.

In effect we are trapped within a dream and because of this we are often burdened by the suffering of life.

Through meditation we are enabled to destroy our delusions which distract us from the pure beauty of life and we are left standing in the true world. The real world which is absent of fear and free from controlling obsession.

You too can learn to discard your delusional thoughts through Meditation.

You deserve a better life!

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