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How to welcome your 2022!

Would you like your year 2022 to be very productive and prosperous?

Let me share this story with you. :-)

Once upon a time, a professor went to a spiritual master. He asked him to explain about the truth.

The master quietly poured a cup of tea. The cup was full but he continued to pour.

The professor could not stand this any longer. So, he questioned the master impatiently.

“Why do you keep pouring when the cup is full?”

Then, the master said,

“I want to point out to you that you are similarly attempting to understand the truth while your mind is full.”

The master continued,

“First, empty your mind before you attempt to understand the truth.

If your mind is clear, you will see the truth.”

Likewise, if you would like to start fresh, then your mind must be emptied first.

Let go of all your regrets and mistakes from the year 2021 and let's move forward into the year 2022! Meditation, simply is the best way to clear your mind.

The mind is the foundation of your well being: the key to your happiness.

With a clear and positive mind, one can truly focus on the work he does and live a successful, meaningful life.

"If you want to be realistic, you should eliminate the life lived of the self, habits, and body. Your mind then becomes the living consciousness of the true world, which is the realistic mind. Your mind becomes the mind that can be dedicated to the work you do in the present. Consequently, you will be successful in what you do because you will do your utmost, which will make you a capable person."

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