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Is it me or the dog, who is master?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

As a dog lover, when my friend asked me to look after her two dogs for two weeks, while she was overseas, I did not hesitate to say yes!

So, for the following two weeks, I was getting up a bit earlier than usual, to feed them and take them for their walk. Having the two furry guests over, who were simply happy to be around, it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Towards the end of the first week of feeding them, taking them out and playing with them, so they didn't get bored, suddenly a thought came to my mind; Who is the #master? Me or the dogs? I just laughed at myself and thought, well, I am happy to be their servant!

As a #Meditation practitioner, trying to be the master of my own mind and wanting to find out the true #purpose of existence, led me to dig deeper into my own life.

I thought, if it were me who actually owned the dogs, until when would I have to feed them, bathe them, entertain, and look after? Until they die, right? I suddenly could see my body was also just like that. From the moment of our birth, we all have to feed our body every day, clean and wash it when it gets dirty, and take it out and entertain it, when bored and work really hard so that the body can eat well and rest well…but until when? Until this body dies.

Then, hang on…who’s the master? Am ‘I’ truly #living or just living looking after this body until it dies? And…what is the point of this life then? Surely it can’t be just to maintain this body well until it dies and disappears?

It became so clear that finding the true reason and purpose of life is very crucial, if I don’t want my life to be just about serving and maintaining this flesh.

And the questions I always had in my mind; why does it seem like my #mind has a mind of its own? Why can’t I control my mind, in the way that I want? Is this really ‘my’ mind? Why do I keep #worrying, when I know there is no point worrying? It seems I am living more like a #slave to my own mind?

My desire to find the ‘answer’ and resolve these ‘mind’ issues became a good fuel for my meditation practice.

Through discarding all my cluttered thoughts including all my habits, fixed ideas, and beliefs, I was simply able to find my true mind, the truth. Also, I could find all the answers from within. Just like that cliché “The answer is within you”

However, until you find it, it is the same as not having it at all.

Now, there is a key... a "password" to open your mind, so as to enter into your true heart ; a simple meditation method.

The only person who can use the key to unlock the door into your heart is yourself. I sincerely hope you take this key with you and use it to enter into the true world that is inside you.

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