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A quick way, a short-cut, to becoming Truth?

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Even before starting this Meditation, I always enjoyed reading books about the human mind, spirituality, and human consciousness.

That’s also why I took Psychology when I was at university. In a way, I was hoping to find a path to true happiness, because I could see that it was the mind, rather than events outside, that were creating all my unnecessary thoughts. They stopped me from truly being in and enjoying the moment.

So, reading articles and books about positive thinking and human consciousness gave me insight and motivated me to explore more about the human mind.

Eventually I came across this Meditation which spoke about becoming free from the human mind and that you can find all the answers to life's mysteries within.

I started without hesitation. I had done a little of meditation before, studied Psychology, read many books as well, and so, I thought I should be able to find ‘answers’ quickly and move up the levels rapidly as well.

Oh, boy, this only slowed my process!

After some time, looking back at the whole journey, I could see that I was actually slowing the process each time, I was analysing, reasoning my thoughts, and even trying to figure out if this method was for me or not. The fastest way to progress in Meditation, the helper explained, was to just keep focusing on following the method which was simply discarding everything that was coming to the mind. Because it was exactly these thoughts that were blocking the truth, and the real answers.

When you climb up a mountain, the quickest way is to keep walking and keep climbing up, following the path.

What I originally did was like taking a few steps and stopping, then looking back at the path and thinking, have I made any progress and then looking ahead again and wondering, how much more do I had to do? Is this even the right path?

I also kept asking the guide for the assurance that I was on the right track. Then, each time as I tried to start the journey again, I actually had to muster up more energy to get the momentum going.

Now looking back, I am just grateful that I kept going, even though I took a while and even if I slowed down the process by analysing, doubting and questioning.

The fact that I didn’t give up and I stuck with it made everything worthwhile.

I can also see that the reasoning and justifying my thought process had to happen for it to be discarded and for me to realise the thinking pattern as a whole, in which I was trapped heavily inside.

So, if you are on your journey to find the Truth, though it may sound so cliché, my advice is simply just keep going and never give up. However cliché it may sound, it is actually the truth.

Keep discarding and don’t give up.

The answers to questions about God, Sin and the Truth.

From the Book "Heaven's Formula For Saving The World" by Teacher Woo Myung

Q1. What is Sin? Does it mean the same as karma?

Q2. Is there a quick way, a short-cut, to becoming Truth?

Q3. Where is God?

Q4. Can one really become Truth?

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1 commentaire

19 juin 2022

I guess that's why a truth becomes a cliche. It really is so. Thank you

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