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Freedom is possible : Free yourself from the slavery of the false world

We are all robots.

Sure we are made of flesh and bone but the fact is that we behave and think as biological robotic mechanisms.

It is our emotions which direct us when stimulated by every new situation or person, seldom our reason or logic.

These emotions have been programmed by our experiences, upbringing and those around us.

When we meet a new person, our memory dredges up pictures of other people from our past, who looked, sounded or acted similarly.

Each of these pictures generate an emotional response and we will instantly experience a warm or hostile feeling towards that new person.

We are in fact blindly following our programming. The extent to which this occurs is far, far greater than you would imagine.

The next time you stand up and walk from one room to another, pay attention to what your mind is doing.

Your mind is already aware of the path you will take, so the speed of your walking and the knowledge of objects restricting your way are already understood.

You don 't need to concentrate... You are in fact on "autopilot" and your mind is free to think about what is momentarily stimulating it... The price of petrol,

the upcoming dentist bill or all the choices you have for dinner.

Most of the time we are barely even aware of our surroundings or actions.

We have been programmed.

This phenomenon has be developed over the millennia of human evolution and totally controls us.

What if we could break free and actually be aware of who and what we are and consciously understand the moment that we coexist within.

Meditation not only reprograms you, it also deprograms you and enables you to really understand that this world you are living in, is something very, very special.

Experience the world from a new perspective and understanding.

Let Meditation free you from the slavery of the false world, you live within.

Freedom is possible.


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