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Visit Sydney Meditation!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

How lucky we are in #Sydney to have a Meditation Centre located in the midst of our city.

It is a Centre that Meditators regularly come to and is often visited for periods of several days on end, by those who live in more remote locations.

Over the years the Centre has attracted many people from interstate and even from overseas.

For those who visit the Centre, they find a great comradery in others and have the opportunity to converse with members, who have been #Meditating for as long as twenty years. On top of this our Meditation Coordinator is a professional, who has spent extended periods of time studying directly under the Meditation Founder and within the Main Centre in South Korea.

Our Centre has also played host to the Meditation Founder on numerous occasions in the past.

For those who have begun their #Meditation on the online Zoom sessions, their first visit to the Meditation Centre is often very profound.

By Meditating at the Centre, especially if there are others there who can join you, is a deep and powerful Meditation experience.

The Sydney Centre is in Rhodes, and is only a five minute walk from the station and if you bring your car, there is an abundance of on street parking available.

While at the Centre you can enjoy a coffee or tea and relax in the garden. Later you can visit the extensive waterside shopping and dinning precinct.

The Sydney Meditation Centre is a wonderful place to Meditate.

Why not visit us soon?

Find out more and discover our free online Meditation sessions.

See You There.


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