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Turning point in my life | Finding the way to my 'True Me'

Updated: May 19, 2022

I have been doing this meditation for quite some time now.

I am calm, peaceful and very very grateful to the method and to the Universe. I can handle my stress, worry, anxiety, sadness so much better. For me, Passing level 5 is like a turning point in my life and I cannot go back to my picture world any more. I really know where is the way to my 'true me, true home' and so I will keep continuing to the end.

Jenny Meditating | Sydney Meditation

To people who are now doing this meditation, my experience is that you keep discarding all the time with repentance and gratefulness from heart.

The very important key is Yong-nong (action meditation), do it as much as you can.

And Lastly, thanks so much to helpers at the Sydney centre, for helping, encouraging and being patient with me, you are real Universe Helpers.

Jenny , Sydney NSW

Jenny & David Meditation Story-

Jenny and her teenage son David : They are very grateful for this meditation as it brought peace, happiness, joy and understanding between them.

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Jun 13, 2022

Wow mum and son doing meditation together! Thank you Jenny for sharing your story.😊

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