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Action Meditation? It is time to make our world a better place.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

We tend to put a lot of time and effort into those things that will benefit our family and ourselves personally. Our energy is usually applied to those areas where we can gain some direct benefit. The majority of our effort tends to be self focused and is closely associated with our ego.

We measure our success through our wealth, the grandeur of our house, the labels on our clothes, the cleverness of our arguments or even the splendour of our gardens.

As we continue on with our Meditation, we inevitably come to realise the fact, that we are in fact one with the universe. We also tend to find that our egos begin to be less controlling and less important. And as our egos dissipate we will come to understand the importance of helping others and of helping the world..

The work we do helping our local Meditation Centre, other people and the community, is called "Yong-nong" (a Korean word). It is a kind of Meditation known as "Action Meditation", which we do through working.

It is through Yong-nong that we can start to make our world a better place. We will come to understand that we do not need to spend all of our energy to enhance our own self importance.

If you have not already seen the fabulous work done on the "Mandurah Centre" (Western Australia), you should take a look. The people who Meditate there, have truly worked together to create a World Class Meditation Centre.

It is time to make our world a better place.
Action Meditation makes an amazing difference to you and to the lives of others. Yong-nong will work for you too.

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