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The writings that guide you to the enlightenment, to Truth

Do you know there is a method to be free from all the burdens of life? The way is here and available to everyone in the world.

The writings that guide you to the enlightenment that humans are Truth and that everything is one.

These books are for everyone:

those seeking happiness,

those suffering from stress and worries,

those searching for the meaning and purpose of life,

those wanting to understand the human mind,

those wanting to know the universe mind,

those interested in spirituality and Truth,

and those wanting a unified world of harmony and peace.

The diversity of people interested in these teachings is as vast as humanity itself.

They provide the ultimate answers to the questions,

’What is the human mind?’

‘What is the meaning and the purpose of life?’

‘What is enlightenment?’

A countless number of people have asked these questions and many have tried to answer them. These books provide the ultimate answers.

A series of poetry, writings of Truth, guides you to the life of wisdom, cleanses your mind and leads you to the true and eternal world, to the great Freedom, where you are not bound by the life you live in.

When you look upon the universe with clear and true mind, The universe is living; the universe is in you

*The books are available both in E-Books and hardcover. (Publisher : Chambooks )

If you are in Australia, you can simply contact us to order any of the books above.

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🙏 thank you, thank you for sharing Truth

Gefällt mir
03. Juni
Antwort an

We are glad that you found it helpful 😀

Gefällt mir
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