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The Universe is truly alive and the Truth is present here

We all yearn and crave to know the "Truth", so that we can have some degree of control and certainty in our life.

We tune into the nightly news, so as to understand what is happening in the world around us, relatively unaware that the news is delivered and manipulated, as a form of entertainment, which holds us captive to the station we are tuned into.

It is all a matter of commerce. Next time you watch the news pay attention to the dramatic voices, camera angles and music.

We learn at school that the Truth varies according to our perspective, attitudes and past experiences and we are left wondering if in fact the Truth actually exists.

Especially in recent times, we have been made aware of "Alternative facts" and "Fake news". There are now so many different perspectives over the value of Covid-19 vaccines.

We are bombarded on our devices with a myriad of claims and counterclaims and are left feeling confused and powerless.

An infinite array of alternative snippets of information spin about in our minds.

We no longer trust that we understand, what is happening around us.

In the years following High School graduation, we find that the facts that we were taught as being Truth, are being slowly chipped away, and replaced by new understandings.

A case in point is that of Neanderthal man, who was up until recently regarded as our primitive ancestor and were thought to be vastly intellectually inferior. Their tool making and weapons are now regarded as being as complex and sophisticated as Homo Sapiens.

Science now hypothesises that Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals lived side by side in many parts of the world and intermarried. We all in fact have some Neanderthal DNA. Neanderthals didn't die out, they integrated with Homo Sapiens.

It seems that nothing remains static and everything undergoes change. So really is there anything we can call the Truth?

Shakespeare explained that a rose is truly beautiful, even though it's life might fade and it will die?

So is the Truth something that exists only momentarily, or is there something deeper, more meaningful and more permanent than this? In fact there is, according to science our Universe is composed of almost 80% Dark Matter, which is believed to play a crucial role in the formation of galaxies. Many scientists postulate that Dark Matter existed before the Big Bang and is the soup that contributed to the start of "everything"

When we begin to look at what we understand to be the building blocks of the Material Universe, it begins to resemble the ancient understandings of Yin and Yang (or in contemporary scientific terminology "Quarks" and "Gluons").

It is through the acknowledgement of the basis of existence, that we can clearly come to see that there is in fact the Truth that remains unchanged, which forms the basis of everything. It is this Truth that created everything.

It is only through the removal of our millions of fears, confusions and misunderstandings, that we can come to know that the Universe is truly alive and that the Truth is present here. This understanding of the Truth will eventually enable you to live without burdens and sleepless nights.

You can actually come to understand what the Truth really is and benefit from this realisation.

Through Meditation you will eventually come to understand the Truth and be freed from everything which haunts your life and manipulates your thoughts.

Begin Your Journey into understanding the Truth by joining us in one of our free online Meditation sessions.

The Truth really exists! Free Yourself!

Meditate and discard All which is false!

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