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Stretch Your Body, Strengthen Your Mind!

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Meditation frees us from the pain and suffering of our delusionary world. So as we achieve a heightened level of awareness, it is important that we make the most of our newly acquired strengths and understandings. To do this we also require a healthy diet and regular exercise.

In particular exercise has been recognised as an important link in maximising the effects of Meditation. Through exercise our body becomes stronger and our Meditation experience becomes all the more powerful.

This is especially important in times when we are not exercising as much as we know we should be.

Exercise loosens us up and activates the muscles in every part of our body. This triggers our bodies to repair what is not functioning effectively.
As we exercise, the problem areas in our body receive a more effective energy flow and can begin the process of healing.

So with regular exercise, a good eating routine and diligent Meditation, we can start to live the life we were meant to.

Why not start exercising more and experience these life changing results for Yourself.

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