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Starting Meditation...

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

The first great accomplishment, for those who begin Meditation, is just to sit there in silence.

In our busy world we face a a myriad of distractions every day. Our smart phones and computer devices are endlessly scrolled through and we have learnt to need new "hits" of satisfaction at lightning speed. We have become addicted to images and information that change every moment and as a result our attention spans have rapidly diminished.

So as you sit down to Meditate for the first time, it is natural that it is going to be hard. Hard to concentrate, hard to sit there silently with your eyes closed and hard to sit still.

You are conscious of the seconds ticking by and you long for the session to finish quickly.

The truth is however, that you have managed to sit there for an hour and Meditate.

You have already Mastered the first and perhaps the greatest hurdle in Meditation.

That is you have managed to separate yourself from a "false world" which consumes every waking moment.. You have begun to walk the path to a better life.

With patience, persistence and diligence, you will achieve your goals.

Simply sit down, close your eyes and begin to understand the world which is really there.

If you have not yet begun to Meditate, why not join our free online guided Meditation sessions.

Give it a go.

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