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Q : Why is it hard to move on?

It is hard to move on because I have countless thoughts in my head. The many experiences I have had in my life build up over the years, and this baggage stays inside my mind weighing me down and stops me from moving on.

Our mind is a collection of pictures that we have made since birth. Because I have all these pictures of experiences inside me, such as past perceived failures, relationships, and money matters - we keep thinking about these things, overthinking and analysing them, making it hard to move on.

In order to move on, we should find our true mind. Our true mind is inside us and is revealed when we empty out all of the thoughts in our minds.

When we let go of the negative emotional attachment to our memories, we can unburden ourselves and move on. Our memory remains, we just release all the negativity surrounding these memories. We can step away from the past and live.

I found a truly amazing meditation method that helped me move on.

Please enjoy watching the videos. I hope they help you.

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