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Meditation and Repetition

As we begin to progress through the levels of the Meditation, we are sometimes confronted with a feeling of overwhelming repetition.

We may feel that it is difficult to keep going and even that the process is tedious. We may feel that we are just sitting there and discarding our "pictures" and "memories", which are becoming increasingly faint and not really getting anywhere.

The fact is our minds are indeed very tricky.

It is the very repetition in fact that enables us to remove ALL of the pain, hurt and the suffering which has accumulated, over the course of our lives.

Each of our negative emotions and impulses from the past, come up within our minds in a repetitive and almost mechanical manner. Everything that we see, hear or experience raises emotions and responses in a clockwork repetition.

The Meditation effectively replicates the beat of these memorised emotions but at a vastly faster pace. The longer a person Meditates, the faster these negative emotions and perspectives, can be neutralised.

It is when you have reached a point where it appears that nothing else remains, that we must Meditate the hardest.. It is these feelings of boredom, dissatisfaction and the excuses that we make, that require the hardest work of all.

Remember that our habits, life experiences and traditions, have built up over years and in some cases even generations.

It is only natural, that the process of eliminating our false self, must be done painstakingly and with due diligence.

So, the next time that negative thoughts about your Meditation arise, simply throw them away and keep on going.

These negative thoughts are the deepest and most controlling influences of them all.

The further you go with the Meditation, the more your "false self" disappears.

Just keep on going and you will come to realise that the Meditation is the most effective life tool that you can strive to master.

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