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Living in Sydney? How are you?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Sydney in #Australia like other Modern cities, is fast paced, busy and demanding.

The inhabitants bustle about from one place to another, with barely enough time to stop for a medium cappuccino.

#Sydney, especially reaches fever pitch in the holiday seasons, such as Christmas, when frantic shoppers descend on the city centres, amassing bundle loads of gifts, to fulfil their family obligations.

Life sure can feel stressful, when there is not enough time to even stop and think.

Sydney in fact, is not the actual reason why it's people feel so crazily busy. The real reason is that our minds are totally filled with memories, judgments and needs. These seemingly pressing demands are magnified in our minds and very often become overwhelming.

These controlling motivations are in their millions but are nothing more than pictures and illusions.

Through #Meditation we come to understand that the demands and #judgements of our mind are nothing more than the echoes of our past history, our habits, ancestors and our culture.

Meditation enables us to dissolve the ghosts that entrap us and we learn to separate ourselves from our "pictures" in our mind. We can begin to stand back and remove our #attachments to our pictures, thus #freeing ourselves, to become who we really are.

So for those who are in Sydney and in other busy cities and communities, who can find their way to the Meditation, you are so very, very lucky.

Meditation will destroy the control of the ghosts which haunt you.

If you are in Sydney, or in any other location in Australia, join us for our free online, guided Meditation sessions and #discover that you too can be free.

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