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Eyes to see | Picture world vs reality

Updated: May 19, 2022

I was in my third year at Uni in Wagga, studying Art and I was holding my first and only ever solo painting exhibition, in the old student Union building.

My works were very abstract pieces, with non-figurative slashes of colour and organic shapes.

I sat amidst my paintings, in the exhibition and stared at them with pride, while I attempted to listen in on what any of the visitors were saying about my work.

It was the first time I had really looked at them from a distance and I began to recognise elements and fragments within each painting, that I was not previously aware of.

One painting in particular really captured my attention. In this painting there was a balance of a white abstract shape, on one side with areas of blue and white on the other.

Suddenly something hit me.

I realised that the colours and their proportions on the canvas mirrored the shapes and sizes in my bathroom back at home.

Then when I quickly changed my focus to my other works, I began to recognise how they also resembled other parts of my home.

At that moment it dawned on me, that what I had painted was the way in which I actually interact with and see the world around me.

It made me aware that my thinking was so filled with memories and life strategies, that I didn't have time to truly observe the world which I moved about in.

As I went about my daily routine, I was so preoccupied in my thinking process, that I was in fact only seeing the vaguest of information about my environment.

I was seeing just enough of what was actually in front of me, as to avoid crashing into it, while my memory superimposed details of my environment over my perceptions.

This was a great eye opener, as it was my first glimpse into the notion that what I understood as reality, was in fact merely an approximation and not an exact truth.

Later when I began Meditating all of what I had experienced became all the more clear.

Light | Sydney Meditation

The world that we believe we inhabit is nothing more than pictures, memories and habits.

We move about within an illusion of false images, trapped inside our individual "Picture Worlds".

We seldom actually see the world or those we have close relationships with.

We live within "False Universes", trapped by our own misinterpretations.

It is through Meditation that we can discard and remove the "False Picture World", which we are all trapped within.

It really works!

If you would like to see the world with new eyes, as it actually is, then begin Meditation.

Meditation will soon free you from stress, from habits and from depression and reveal the wonderful world that you actually live within.

Meditation gives you the eyes to truly see!

Find out more by joining in on one of our free online Meditation sessions.

It really is time for you to see.


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