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We no longer need to feel afraid

I wake up every morning and spend the first twenty minutes or so of my day, sipping coffee and watching the morning news.

It is always much the same: threats of invasion, Covid-19 numbers and the fear of higher interest rates. It's no wonder that the average person lives their life suffering perceptual fear and growing confusion.

I know I can't do very much to set the world right. What I can do however is to set "My World" right and free my mind from the perception that we are living within uncertain and dangerous times.

The truth is the world is in fact not much different to it has ever been. If anything it is very possibly better now.

In the Fifties and Sixties, during the Cold War, The Korean War and the Vietnam War we feared that Communism was spreading across the world and that Nuclear War was inevitable.

In the Forties we believed that foreign invasion was likely to occur at any moment.

In the late twenties we experienced the collapse of the financial system and in the second decade of the twentieth century we experienced WWI and the Spanish Flu.

Our world has always been stressful.

Imagine the lives of our ancestors, who were constantly afraid of the nearby forests alive with wolves and bears.

The Truth is that we no longer need to live our lives in fear.

All we need to do is to disconnect from our negative news feeds, sit down and relax.

We need to close our eyes and we need to Meditate.

The world is in fact not always stressful.

Free Yourself!

Find out how by joining in our free online Meditation sessions.

Life is Beautiful.


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