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Truly Discard Your Negative Mind and Find the True Truth

For every building that is made, there is a strong foundation and rigid frame which holds the structure in its position. It is this framework and foundation that gives each building it's form and characteristics.

This is also the case with our human thinking and our perception. The foundation and framework of the human mind are formed by enforced and repeated beliefs, created by an understanding and acceptance of our traditions, the repetition of habits and our basic DNA.

With our rigid framework and foundation, we either accept or reject every new experience, as it occurs.

We must be highly conscious of this, as we go through the process of Mediation.

Within our Meditation we continue to discard our emotion of memories, our personal experiences and our upbringing. We also continually throw away our unhelpful biological impulses and characteristics.

The nature of Meditation however is to be critically aware, that no matter how many "pictures" that have vanished, our personal framework and foundation of perception will continue to linger and control our judgement, acceptance and vision.

We must be vigilant in our pursuit of discarding the essence of our framework and foundation, which we unknowingly rely upon. Until it ceases to exist, you will continue to rebuild your thinking and perception, over and over and over again, in exactly the same form.

So when you have reached the point where nothing remains, ask yourself yet again, Who it is that is seeing and knowing what still remains?

Until you really understand the depth of your framework and foundation you will be unable to truly use the Meditation, to reach the point where your false self no longer exists.

The Meditation will bring you to the Truth.

Trust in The Method.

Feel free to join us, for one of our free, online Meditation sessions and discover how much more there is to life.


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