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Unlocking Inner Peace: The Power of Meditation and the Poems "Abandon" and "Coexist"

The poems Abandon and Coexist sum up what this meditation is about.

"Abandoning the false human mind, the mind that not only blocks our true nature but also causes all the stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts, and then returning to our original true mind, which is the living consciousness of the Universe, and living co-existing with the world."

It is really helpful to read 'Abandon' before your meditation, to set your mind ready to release all your thoughts, and then read 'Coexist' after the meditation to confirm how you would like to live.

When members at Sydney Meditation come to the centre for a session, that's what they do!

meditation member reading a poem
Sabina reading coexist after her meditation session

Tim's Meditation Experience

One of our members who passed level one recently also enjoys reading the poems "Coexist and Abandon" before and after his meditation. Here he shares his level 1 experience so far.

I have just finished level one of the meditation steps. I have already noticed changes in my mind, at times I have developed a good sense of peace and happiness and have been full of energy! (all my unnecessary thinking really takes away your energy! ) the world has become more alive and real.

I am able to concentrate better on tasks I'm completing. I am more able to turn off my analytical mind when it is not needed. And this is all after only a few months!

I can't wait to see what my mind will be like once I have finished the meditation.

If you would like to learn how to let go of your unwanted, unnecessary thoughts, rather than carrying or fighting back with them all the time, please learn how to meditate!

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