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The reason to meditate and the reason to continue

People are drawn to Meditation for a multitude of reasons.

Some peoples lives are tortured by stress and suffering. Some have experienced frightening medical complications and there are those who are searching for the truth of life itself.

Regardless of the reason for starting, each of us who Meditate have found that with patience and practise, that our lives are vastly improved.

Each Meditator has experienced an inner peace and tranquil mental state, that we could have never imagined possible, before Meditation.

It is at this point occasionally, that some people make a decision to quit. They feel that they no longer need to Meditate. They feel they have achieved what they have set out to achieve.

The truth is however that these are all delusional thoughts. These are the "voices" of our "false selves".

It is through Meditation that we achieve inner peace and it is during these times when we feel the strongest, that we need to search the deepest.

We need to really search for why it is, we really want to stop. It is at these times that we really need to build our practise, so as to ensure our ability to encounter tragedy, misfortune and our delusional thoughts.

There is a world which is far greater than our delusional thinking.

It is through our continued Meditation that we are reminded about who and what we really are and why we need to help those around us.

We ALL need to keep going!

Please continue to Meditate.


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