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Less is more. Nothingness is bliss.

Updated: May 15, 2022

Being busy and constantly looking for things to do without taking a breather is a disease.

Busy life | Sydney Meditation Blog

It is a very stressful disease.

I have been afflicted with this problem since I was a young schoolboy when my mother could not stand the sight of me doing nothing. The non-stop activity has always given me an adrenaline rush and gives me a feeling of self-importance.

But when the activities stop, there is an emptiness that I want to fill, then, I will compulsively being the cycle all over again by doing something new.

I was very lucky that I have met this meditation when I was looking for a new activity to do because it was in this meditation that I understood the value and essence of the emptiness that I wanted to fill.

I learned that it is not adding more that will lead to satisfaction but it is actually subtracting the imprints in my mind's world that will be the start of my true fulfillment.

Less is more. Nothingness is bliss.

Calmness | Sydney Meditation blog

Through meditation, I have realized many benefits. These include mental clarity, improved physical health, great capacity for understanding the shortcomings of other people, even exercising patience (with a smile) on the road during blood-curding traffic jams!

I am truly grateful to this simple method that has life-changing benefits.

Today, rather than being busy with non-essential acitivities to satisfy my mind, I am diligently practicing meditation so I can truly live in the real world.

Thank you.

Reggie O. / Manila Meditation



Thank you for highlighting the way busyness consumes us without ever delivering an enduring result

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