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It's time to stop the voices

If you are one of the lucky ones who have begun or are presently practicing Meditation, you are truly blessed.

For so many other people who pick up a Meditation pamphlet, or see a notice on social media, they are not so fortunate.

Many people who are presented with the possibility of Meditation, look at the information and think for a brief moment -

"That looks good... Maybe that's what I need.." but then there are a burst of negative "voices" in their heads, reminding them of why they couldn't possibly do it. "I don't have time... I am so busy... I really can't concentrate... It's a bit too 'alternative'".

What of course these people fail to recognise is that, it is these very "voices" which rule their lives and restrict positive change and in fact their freedom.

These voices are the echoes from our past, our emotions from our memories and the advice given by others, years before.

We are ruled by these "voices".

It is through Meditation that we can silence these unhelpful "voices".

It is through Meditation that we can learn to discard the "pictures" of our lived life, our body and the guilt we continue to experience.

It is through Meditation that we can free ourselves from the burdens that we carry through our lives and become the person who we really are.

It is time to stop listening to the "voices" and begin to live at better life with Meditation.

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