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How To Be in Harmony and How to Treat Others

Everyone in this world lives together with others while they live in this world, but there are many who are living selfish lives that are far too self-centred. To be in harmony with others, one needs to have a big mind. It is difficult because the self-centred mind only wants to live according to its own narrow-minded thoughts and, therefore, cannot be in harmony with others within a group.

When one eliminates one's life lived and habits, becomes the mind of the world, and lives life, his life will not be difficult because he can accept everything.

When one lives the life of nature's flow, he will not have conflicts or hang-ups and, thus, will be able to be in harmony with others within a group. He will be able to get along well with others because others will like him.

Therefore, one can become successful because he will not have conflicts with others, and others will approve of him. The most important thing in life is to discard one's narrow, false mind, become the true mind, which is the big mind, and live. This way, one can be in harmony and achieve everything he wishes to achieve.

People talking to each other
How to treat others

How to Treat Others

When dealing with another,

do so with the absence of your mind.

When you do this,

that person will feel at utmost ease.

When you do this,

you will become one with that person.

When you become one with him,

he will listen to your words,

which are free of mind.

Love, compassion, and benevolence

confine the mind of another,

for they are all attachments;

they are undesirable,

for they cause you to create karma

which is what gives birth to the human mind.

If a person attempts to do you harm out of greed

avoid him,

but do so absent of the thought that you are doing it.

This means that no impressions will be left in this mind

and neither will any be left in yours.

If a conflict occurs between you and another due to his greed,

stand by his side and agree absent of mind;

pretend that you too are greedy

and then slip out later.

This means that so long as you do not become immersed in his way of thinking,

that mind of greediness will be his

while you will remain as you are.

Why do we undergo trials in life?

We undergo them because of our own karmas.

If you were to ask me how you can overcome

the trials you are experiencing due to your karmic ties,

I would tell that

you must not afford your mind to those trials,

or in other words that

the trials do not exist unless you are present in them.

Excerpts from Nature's Flow

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Jun 05, 2023

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